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Dedicated to the preservation and stewardship

of sport congruent with being outdoors and one

with a more organic natural surrounding.

The Sport

People are taking up disc golf as a worthy pasttime. Upon investigating their feelings deeper regarding Tiger Woods and golf in general, they have pledged to give up the little white balls and landscaped greens for good. Disc golf has a much better chance to be a sport for the masses to explore the outdoors without a constant reminder of man's attempt to control the environment. Here's a place to promote the sport via web pages here. We update a list of all the courses we've played and provide pictures and thoughts associated with the experience. Enjoy.


New Course in North Attleboro

Disc golf is coming closer to Providence than ever with a new World War I Memorial Park course in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.

Located in a large, multi-use park. Consists of mostly holes between 250 ft and 300 ft. Elevation is an almost constant feature here; 6 of 9 holes feature at least a 10ft elevation change.

The course makes use of the unique topography in the area with several small hills and boulders coming into play.

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