We continued with where we left off in week 3 by downloading the week three archive again in anticipation of swapping Processing code into the HTML files for week 4 examples. We loaded and launched the Java-based environment for Processing to see the differences between using JavaScript in browser and using Java as an application environment. We played around with the homework assignments from week 3. We looked at the Sin and Cosine example to remind ourselves of the power of trigonometric functions available in Processing. We looked at the Array and Array 2D examples to make sure we can use arrays in our work. We will look at the Perspective example to get a sense of how Processing enables 3-D visual experiences and then I will ask you to explore 3-D examples on your own during our two week hiatus (no class on Memorial Day).

Please take the next two weeks to work with where we left off on class night for week 4. I provide the archive of our classroom work here. Focus on at least one of the three concepts (time with the millis() function, trigonometry with the cos(), sin(), tan(), etc. functions, or 3-D with the 3-D functions available from the API reference) and try to create an interesting visual effect with those. When you get something, send it to me via e-mail so I can have a quick discussion with you on it.