I believe a working life, if done correctly, provides one with a variety of projects in which to learn while doing. I've mixed my experience with projects in academia, government, and for-profit and non-profit industry. As a result, I have strong opinions about how the world works and a long list of creative research interests.

Bruce Donald Campbell

56 Gentian Ave, Providence, RI 02908


Cell: +1-401-477-0966


Information scientist and computer scientist pursuing cutting edge projects. Advanced systems engineering perspective with Web-enablement experience. Skilled development leader and mentor with creative vision for future. Excellent teaching and communication skills. Highly effective project manager adept at consensus building and problem solving. Proven track record in grant writing support skills. Mindful and innovative thinker who is comfortable with working independently and as part of a team.


Ph.D. Industrial and Systems Engineering (2010)

M.S. Human-Computer Interface Science (2007) 
GPA 3.8/4.0

University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, USA

M.S. Computer Science (1997)  GPA 3.7/4.0

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Hartford, CT, USA

M.S. Information Science (1990)  GPA 4.0/4.0

University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wisconsin, USA

B.S. Accounting (1985)  GPA 3.9/4.0

University of Delaware, Newark, Delaware, USA



Technical Director, Bruce Donald Campbell Consulting

(Dec 2010 – Present)

Integration of home-grown social media, content management systems, and visualization software as project manager to support organizational missions of multiple clients including:

* University of Washington (Seattle, WA)

* The Ocean Project (Providence, RI)
* The Ocean Foundation (Washington, DC)
* Community Learning Partnership (Evanston, IL)

* Wheels on Edge (Toronto, ON)

Skills honed: Processing, D3 and other visualization packages, JavaScript, PHP, WebGL, AJAX and MySQL database integration with content management systems (Wordpress and Drupal)

Adjunct Faculty, Rhode Island School of Design

(Jun 2007 – Present)

Design and teach nine classes intended to build Web design and development vision and capabilities in students for injecting Web-enablement into complex system communication/presentation.

Half-time FTE provided ideal complement to final doctoral research during 2007-2010.

Managed visual software project to support emergency response role-playing scenario for King County Medical Coalition (research agenda developed insight metrics in parallel).

Skills honed: Creative expression, artistic presentation, design aesthetics, Adobe Creative Suite, teaching effectiveness

Research Scientist, University of Washington

(Jan 1997 – June 2010)

Developed and managed work on a real-time global visualization platform for considering emergency response efforts, with an emphasis on visual planning and training tools for emergency response scenarios.

Developed computing infrastructure and software for a new government funded regional visual analytics research center at the University of Washington.

Lead architect for development of an agent-based simulation environment (RimSim) for improving distributed cognition among first responder jurisdictions to major natural crises events around the Pacific Rim. Oversaw the implementation of a long-term software platform for studying collaboration and role-play in a game-like environment using computer-mediated visualizations and communications.

Lead architect and developer for an Earth Sciences data visualization pipeline consisting of six components (data acquisition, metadata encoding, datastream transport, visualization pipeline, desktop exploration products, advanced classroom exploratory interfaces). 

Interface developer for a physical soil and vegetation hydrology modeling software (DHSVM 2) to provide a Web interface that allows model set up and scenario run from Internet-connected clients. Sophisticated Python-based wrapper and scripting environment for drag-and-drop model case study setup.

Member of transition team for spin-off human interface laboratory in New Zealand (six-month consulting).

Designed and implemented technologies supporting desktop cyberspace such as 3-D, interactive, social environments, interactive scientific visualizations and geographic collaboration tools. Project manager for:

1. Virtual Endeavor World - an interactive 3-D virtual environment for education on undersea tectonic plate spreading center habitats. Three-person team.

2. Virtual Big Beef Creek - an interactive 3-D virtual environment for education on geography, ground water issues, salmon habitat and land use. Four-person team.

3. Virtual Anatomy Lab - an interactive 3-D virtual environment for learning gross anatomy.

4. Emergent 4-D Mouse driver enhancement for connectivity to Java 3D-based virtual environments.

5. Virtual Playground software - an architecture for scalable, rapidly produced, on-line, 3-D meeting spaces. Advanced from platform software coordinator to project manager on an eight-person development team.

Worked with in-browser 3-D virtual world development for the Meet3D software platform. Participated in OWorld virtual platform architecture development with occasional proof-of-concept implementations, including promotion of the Atmosphere product that incorporated the architecture. Webmaster of the domain and the Biota 3 conference it supported.

Skills honed: Java, OpenGL, Object-oriented programming, XML database, XML application, dynamic Web server services, IRIS Explorer modularization, graphics engine augmentation, and advanced hardware

Educator, Catapult Learning Systems (now IBM) and SCCC

(Dec 1995 – Jan 1997)

Designed and taught corporate courses on Groupware, specifically Lotus Notes.

Designed and taught corporate and community college courses on HTML and Web page design.

Designed and taught community and technical college courses on VRML and 3D Studio Max virtual world design

Project Manager, The Travelers Insurance Company, CT

(Aug 1990 – Aug 1995)

Designed and directed a distributed database project connecting work load analysis in six field offices across the United States. Supervised three staff, coordinated six service field office managers, and interacted with six technology specialists (hardware, database management, LAN, etc.).

Designed and coordinated a groupware project connecting lead underwriters in 24 commercial lines field offices across the United States.

Company-wide product manager for Lotus Notes. Provided technical support, consultation, and training to a base of 1400 licensees across the United States. Worked with a team of five Lotus Notes specialists and 24 productivity software specialists.

Analyst and lead developer for term life products visualization and group health independent agent compensation programs.

Financial Analyst, Various Organizations

(Jan 1986 – Jun 1990)

Public accountant, auditor, project accountant, budget coordinator, and financial analyst for four entities: Ernst & Young, Labatt's USA, Malm Luggage, and Marshall & Illsley Bank (MICARD Services).


Passed the CPA Exam in Boston, MA (1988)

Creative Fiction Writing Certificate (2001)  GPA 3.8/4.0 University of Washington

Basic fluency in Spanish


Available upon request

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