Bruce Donald Campbell

Adjunct Professor of Computer Science (research), Brown University.

Research Interests

My research centers around applications of visualization, computational modeling, computer graphics, and computer science to ocean science and product design disciplines. Particular interests include visualization of multivalued multidimensional ocean sensor and modeling data, comparisons of virtual and non-virtual environments for scientific tasks, and applications of art and perception to visualization.

These interests align with David Laidlaw's Visualization Research Lab (VRL) which originated my interest in working at Brown. I earned my PhD from U Washington while working in the Center for Environmental Visualization group on campus. My PhD applied computer science research (started during a Masters in Computer Science program at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) to an interdisciplinary Systems Engineering focus for the PhD. I obtained a Masters in Information Science from U Wisconsin which continues to inspire much of my research.

I work to contribute my research through publications and teaching experience.

RISD CE Faculty

My role within the RISD web design + interactivity program contains a source of information on what I teach and where I apply research results.

Questions, comments, suggestions? E-mail me: bruce_campbell [at]

Brown University
Providence, RI 02912
401-632-4299 (voice)
401-863-7657 (fax)