Connecting 3D Cyberspace

OWorld 1999 Software Map

 Project: Croquet
 Language: C/C++
 Description: 3-D Graphics hardware is really, really fast and getting much faster. This is great for games, but we would like to unlock the potential of this technology to enhance the entire user experience.
 License: Undecided
 Developer(s): Open Croquet Org
 Project: CrystalSpace
 Language: C++
 Description: Crystal Space is a 3D engine. It supports: true six degree's of freedom, colored lighting, mipmapping, portals, mirrors, alpha transparency, reflective surfaces, 3D sprites, scripting, Direct3D under Windows, Glide and OpenGL on Windows, Linux, OS/2, Macintosh, BeOS, ...
 License: LGPL
 Developer(s): Too many to list.
 Project: DeepMatrix
 Language: Java 1.1+
 Description: Multi-user client/server package, currently works with Cosmo/Intervista/Java3D
 License: Semi Open Source
 Developer(s): Geometrek 3D solutions Ltd
 Project: DIS-Java-VRML
 Language: Java 1.2+
 Description: DIS, Java and VRML can provide all of the pertinent capabilities needed to implement large-scale virtual environments (LSVEs)
 License: GPL
 Developer(s): Don Brutzman and others
 Project: Fluidiom
 Language: Java 1.1+
 Description: Fluidiom is the latest version of Struck, adding the virtual world and memetic capability in an alpha stage of development.
 License: GPL
 Developer(s): Gerald de Jong and Karl Erickson
 Project: FreeWRL
 Language: Perl
 Description: VRML browser
 License: GPL
 Developer(s): Tuomas J. Lukka, John Stewart and others
 Project: GEL3D
 Language: C++
 Description: The project aims to define an open platform for efficient, highly interactive, and non-polygonal (curve-based) multi-user 3D.
 License: GEL OS License
 Developer(s): Ur Studios


 Project: Genesis3D
 Language: C/C++
 Description: "Genesis3D is a state of the art 3D graphics engine built for high performance real-time rendering. Genesis3D offers advanced lighting features, 3D modeling support, seamless soft-skin polyonal characters, and many other innovations."
 License: Limited License
 Developer(s): Wild Tangent, Inc.


 Project: JVerge
 Language: Java 1.1+
 Description: a library of Java classes that mimic the VRML node structure
 License: GPL
 Developer(s): Justin Couch
 Project: Kwrl
 Language: C++
 Description: Parser, static renderer.  Rendering code (in OpenGL) might easily be broken out of current system for modularity.
 License: Semi Open Source
 Developer(s): Mark R. Stevens
 Project: LibVRML97/GtkLookat
 Language: C++
 Description: Builds on SGI parser, scenegraph builder, static Opengl and Hoops Renderers.  Potentential for multiple rendering technology back-ends.
 License: Open source
 Developer(s): LibVRML97 was developed by Chris Morley.
GtkLookat was written by Erik Andersen
 Project: mcf.vrml Libraries
 Language: Python 
 Description: Generalised parser with VRML implementation, generalised processing environment with VRML implementation. VRML scenegraph API.
 License: Python license
 Developer(s): Mike Fletcher 
 Project: Meme
 Language: C/C++ 
 Description: Meme(tm) is a platform-independent standard for networked virtual reality, now an open-source project. To be hosted by sometime in the very near future.
 License: Open source
 Developer(s): Marc de Groot, Immersive Systems, Inc. 
 Project: The Nebula Device
 Language: C++/TCL-TK
 Description: High performance general purpose game engine written with hardware acceleration in mind. Built by a commercial game developer in Germany who is building a cool game called nomads.
 License: Open source like BSD.
 Developer(s): RadonLabs 
 Project: NeL
 Language: C++/Python
 Description: Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying engine being developed by a commercial game developer with many full-time developers. This project is in full development gear with the CVS server bursting with activity every day.
 License: Open source GNU/GPL.
 Project: pw, VRWave
 Language: Perl
 Description: Parser, full browser.
 License: Parser LGPL. Browser free personal use only.
 Developer(s): IICM (Graz University) 
 Project: Tag3D
 Language: Java 1.2+
 Description: Multi-user client/server, based on Java3D and Java RMI.
 License: MPL
 Developer(s): David Wallace Croft

 Project: Viper
 Language: Java 1.1+
 Description: Validating Parser. Scripting under development.
 License: Open source
 Developer(s): Mary Brady
 Project: VNet
 Language: Java 1.1+
 Description: Multi-user client/server package, currently works with Cosmo/Intervista/Java3D/LR/
 License: GPL
 Developer(s): Stephen F. White & Jeff Sonstein
 Project: Vrml97Loader
 Language: Java 1.2+
 Description: Java3D VRML97 implementation (parser+runtime)
 License: Open-source
 Developer(s): The Java3D and VRML Working group
 Project: WebOOGL
 Language: Perl
 Description: 3D Web browser that is a "quasi-compliant" VRML viewer.
 License: GPL
 Developer(s): Tamara Munzner, Daeron Meyer, Paul Burchard, and Stuart Levy, The Geometry Center
 Project: WebView
 Language: A combination of C++ and ANSI C
 Description: A publically available VRML browser for SGI/UNIX systems.
 License: Semi Open Source
 Developer(s): San Diego Supercomputer Center (SDSC)
 Project: WorldForge
 Language: C++ and others
 Description: The WorldForge Project is developing a complete system for massively multiplayer online roleplaying games. In heavy development. Both 2-D ISO and 3-D clients.
 License: GPL
 Developer(s): Too many to list.
 Project: YouBuildItVR
 Language: Java 1.2+
 Description: Multi-user package based on IP-Multicasting (MBONE)
 License: Public domain (no line in code)
 Developer(s): Chris Heistad & Steve Pietrowicz

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