Final Project Requirements - Due December 11th 11:59pm.

The final project 2 asks you to be a Web designer and developer. You can imagine that you are working as a consultant for an organization you admire, an organization you would like to work with, or your own personal organization.

You will deliver a finished set of three (or more) interlinked Web pages, and a template for at least one page for which you think the design of the page. You can deliver your project as archive folder of files and a link to an online template.

The template you use can be one that you created from scratch, modified from an existing site on the Web, or came from a free template download service such as the ones we look at in class:,,,,, or any of the ones we found by searching on the search phrases free html templates or free css templates.

Back in 2011 I wanted to re-design my personal website using a template to demonstrate the process to a previous class. I chose a template by searching for free HTML templates. I chose this FTD Green Flower template. I then modified the template to include my content instead of the template content. The two look similar as a result. Hopefully, you will find that the hard work you've put into class to this point pays off when trying to use or create templates. That's my intent for you, at least, by assigning such a final project assignment.

If you want to use a transparent spacer image for your templates (as demonstrated in class), you can grab this spacer.gif file or hypertext reference to Otherwise, you can just put placeholder graphics in the template however you would want them for your own purposes.

If you need a recommendation for your project because you have no ideas of your own, please do e-mail me at to discuss. Do take a look at previous student projects from 2013-2015.